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Cecille Grey played an unplugged set outside Aubrey’s Creperie in Nottingham for their 4th birthday today. If you haven’t been to Aubrey’s before, it’s in the West End Arcade just off Market Square and is one of Nottingham’s hidden foodie gems! Delicious!

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Der German tour - April 2013

It’s been a long time since we went away on tour but we thought we would share a few pictures and memories with you. We left Nottingham with a car full of instruments, amps, blankets and pillows (because you never know) and a box full of freshly printed copies of our new EP and t-shirts that we (mainly Nabs) designed and hand made. We were pretty excited. Aurelie had a little sleep on the ferry. Our first gig was at Cafe Galao in Stuttgart. Run by the lovely Reiner, Galao is a great little venue. The room was packed (some of the audience even tried to sit on the stage!), the atmosphere was amazing and the crowd were incredibly warm and attentive. We were hosted by Max Braun who plays in the duo Max and Laura Braun. Max played drums for part of our set. We sold lots of our new EP, but no one bought any t-shirts. On our way to the next show in Dresden, we made a little stop in Nuremburg for one night. Aurelie ate a few too many little sausages and fell asleep, but we did manage to record this little video from the fancy hostel we stayed in.

Cecille Grey - Needle & the damage done from Cecille Grey on Vimeo.

After some more driving, we eventually arrived in Dresden for our next show at Buchers Best. Buchers Best is a little book shop in the heart of Dresden. We met Stue, the owner, and his many animals including einer kleiner katze, Penny who had a poorly pawly paw. On the evening of our arrival the shop closed and transformed into what felt like a secret show, with the audience having to come into the venue through a candlelit side entrance. Once everyone was seated, Stue rang a bell to introduced us to these beautiful people! No one bought any t-shirts but we sold some CDs and Nabs made friends with the shop cat. The morning came and we had a little walk through the woods. There was snow everywhere. Onwards to Berlin, and TOM TOM did a terrible job at getting us to our destination. We had a few days exploring Berlin before our third show at Intersoup. On arrival we made the decision to never carry that much equipment across Berlin again. Aurelie ate her first schnitzel. It was DELICIOUS! Intersoup is a DIY venue - the bands do their own promotion and set things up themselves. The room was dingy but cool, like a dungeon, and a nice little crowd turned up. Here they are look. We sold some CDs, no one bought a t-shirt, despite Aurelie’s attempt at decorating the merch sofa. And finally to … the Reeperbahn! Did you know that the Reeperbahn is Hamburg’s red light district? We didn’t. Our awesome hostel was bang smack in the middle of Tutti Frutti Lap Dance Club and Sexy Devil. We had a great time! WE TOOK A TAXI to the Mobile Blues Club, a converted truck /trailer, for the final gig of the tour. We performed to a select audience (two people) who were very lovely and generously bought four CDs… but no t-shirts. To sum up, we loved Germany. Everyone we met was incredibly supportive, friendly, hospitable and generous and we can’t wait to go back! Special thanks to Max Braun, Reiner, Stue and Toni and friends. We drove 2095 miles in total: Thank you and goodnight!